today I will #JustBe FREE!

Kona Sunset

In August 2013, my Light Brother Jacob Glass shared his daily “No New Grievances” mantra with me.  Today, almost a year after learning and implementing this powerful mantra into my daily life, interpersonal interactions and daily situations, I have an amazingly deep sense of inner peace, love, and joy.  Focusing your daily intention on not creating any more drama for your SELF or anyone else around you is an incredibly powerful and liberating practice.  You begin to realize you are the master of your life, that you are not a victim.  You realize the truth about yourself… that you are a powerful co-creator of your reality and there is nothing that can stand in your way unless you allow it to.  When we do not allow our minds to constantly create new grievances to distract us from our self-development, we create a space within which to deal with all of the grievances we’ve been carting around this life.  Most importantly, a powerful shift begins to take place as you begin to awaken to the fact that you are not your past and you are not your future.  You are here and now and it is always up to you, each moment, each instant, to choose to create the world you want to live in.  Sat Nam.  Love + Light!  180-


today I will #JustBe MYSELF!


In reality, for me this is really hard to say…that I will just be myself.  For about 20 years I didn’t know who I was.  I had known myself at some point, of course.  But somehow, I forgot who that was and then I just forgot I ever knew.  Somehow, at some point, which one, specifically, I do not recall, I must have made a MISTAKE!  I made an error and I got hurt.  I got hurt for not having perfect penmanship.  I got hurt for missing 2 points out of 100 on a test…I got hurt for being too goofy, too silly, too emotional, too caring, too wild, too tough, too competitive…And little by little I put each and everyone of the traits, characteristics, blemishes, faux-pas, and mannerisms I viewed then as a personal weakness.  Here’s the thing though, I put away so much, I put away my SELF.  And all that was eventually left was a shell of fear, doubt, anger, frustration, negativity, limitation, despair, and PAIN.  Incredibly, in my perception, I was an utter failure…How can I be growing worse and worse each year?  Why was I not evolving fast enough?  Was there a chromosomal malformation limiting my evolutionary capacity?  I was my own worst enemy, my own worst critic.  I was miserable.  I was despicable…But with a lot of help, hard work and determination, I decided I was good enough just as I am.  How bad could it hurt to try to love MYSELF again?  I started doing the things I only wished I could do when I was a kid.  When I couldn’t wait to be my own grown-up!  Little things like walking around barefoot…staying in all day playing and reading…inspecting the yard for as long as I wanted to…laying out in the sun with my head in the shade.  Something reignited in me…a PEACE that is so absolute, so silent, still, infinite and eternal.  May every ONE always just be.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light 180-

today I will #JustBe SUNSHINE!


If LOVE is all there is, then it is easy to realize that LOVE is all you are.  The realization that you are made of LOVE by LOVE to LOVE is a most sublime experience!  You are limitless… as brilliant and warm as the Sun.  LOVE begins with Self.  Turn inward and trust that you are an awesome star.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

today I will #JustBe GRATEFUL!


Everything I have ever received with LOVE and grace has always turned out to be The Best!  It has taken a lot of work to understand that life is not good; life is not bad; life just is.  It is up to each and everyone of us to accept responsibility for co-creating our reality – through our perceptions, thoughts, and every other energetic interaction with life-matter!  It is difficult to welcome situations, people, or conditions that appear negative and unfair from our limited perception.  But trust in my Self has taught me that my life if up to me and that’s my power!  Benjamin Disraeli reminds us that nothing can resist a human will that will stake even existence upon the fulfillment of its purpose.  Love and Light!  180-

today I will #JustBe STILL!

violet Sky

Part of “Growing Up,” for me at least, has meant a deep deep understanding of my emotions…my pet peeves, the stuff that just pisses me off, that sh*t I don’t like.  Yes…all of that.  But I grew weary of my emotions constantly calling!  So many things to be annoyed with!  How is one ever to find some peace?  I realized that: yes, it does feel good to “loose” it every now and then.  But it feels terrible to be a prisoner to your own emotions.  When I stopped, took a deep breath, and really evaluated my life, I just didn’t understand what I was still so pissed off about.  So I decided to just stop it.  I decided to set my Self free.  I am the master of my ship.  I am the captain of my LIFE!  And yes, it takes practice…but what else promises to be more rewarding than Nirvana?  LOL!  If you’d like to SEE FOR YOUR SELF, take a deep breath the next time your negative emotions stir deep within… and picture a DEEP, STILL, CRYSTAL-CLEAR LAKE as brilliant as a DIAMOND reflective as a MIRROR.  And just SEE what happens?  Get curious.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

today I will #JustBe TRUST!


LOVE is all there is!  And the only way to access the unlimited power of LOVE, which is accessible to all, is through forgiveness and trust.  Forgiveness and trust begin within, and as we consciously commit to our practice of Self forgiveness and trust, the brilliance within grows strong enough to illuminate the world.  It is difficult, at times, to trust your Self.  But you only need to set the intent and be willing to go in this direction.  Trust that LOVE will help you learn all you must learn to be perfectly happy; that you will always take care of your Self; and that in the end, you are worthy of peace and joy.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

today I will #JustBe LIGHT!


The Light you see, admire, and love in others is the Light within you.  It is very common to meet with jealousy and envy whenever we choose to let our Light shine.  But these experiences shouldn’t deter us from sharing our Love and Light with the world and to shine as brightly as we possibly can.  When we play down our awesomeness out of fear of being judged and being hurt, not only do we do a disservice to the world, we forget how brilliant we really are.  You are the Light Divine.  And so am I.  And so is every living being.  Feed your Light with LOVE and joyfully watch it grow into a bonfire of infinite creativity.

I am the Light of the Heart, shining in the darkness of Being, and changing all into the golden treasury of LOVE.  I am projecting my LOVE out into the world to erase all errors and to break down all barriers.  I am the power of Infinite LOVE, amplifying itself until it is victorious; a world without end.  I am LOVE.  I am peace.  I am joy.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

Miracle Message #37 from my Light Sister Gabby Bernstein:  When I shine bright I give others permission to shine with me.  #MiraclesNow

today I will #JustBe FORGIVENESS!

Among the Dandelions

My light sister Gabrielle Bernstein shared with us her amazing book Miracles Now.  Gabby has been an amazing source of inspiration and love every since I met her…and I first met her through my work in A Course In Miracles.  In Miracle Message #16: MAKE FORGIVENESS A PRACTICE, Gabby reminds us that forgiveness is the doorway we can always walk through to set our Self free; to walk through the veil of the past into the awesome power of NOW!  In order to help us practice by forgiving ourselves, Gabby shares the following technique:

1. Witness your self-attack thought.

2. Breathe deeply into the feeling of discomfort.

3. Feel the feeling (don’t think about it, just feel it).

4. Say to yourself, “I forgive this thought.  I know it is not real.”

Sat Nam Gabby.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

*Miracle Message #16:

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”  -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  #MiraclesNow

today I will #JustBe OUTRAGEOUS!


I am what is known in modern parenting vernacular as a “A SPIRITED CHILD.”  And the only reason I know this is because I have a spirited child of my own.  The key word for spirited children is MORE!  A spirited child is normal, but just more INTENSE, PERSISTENT, SENSITIVE, and UNCOMFORTABLE WITH CHANGE than other children.  In a room full of rubber balls, where all of the other balls are bouncing merrily within acceptable range, the super ball bouncing off the ceiling every time is the spirited child.  I have been called argumentative, unpredictable, aggressive, demanding, stubborn and a lot of other pejorative labels, which frankly almost killed my spirit.  Today, I know I am perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am a spirited child and I love it!  I am strongly committed to my goals.  I am a creative problem solver.  I have high standards.  I am curious, assertive, energetic, and compelling…among many other things.  It takes a lot of energy to try to be who you are not.  Be your self and channel that energy into creating the beautiful world you know in your heart is possible.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light! 180-