today I will #JustBe LOVE!

estrella_leandry_PillarsOften times, we get so caught up in our own small selves, we forget that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! Today, let’s consciously show kindness and compassion to all whom we meet on our path — be it a beggar on a street corner, a worker, a family member, an animal, or a plant who may need watering.
Focusing on LOVE helps us shift our perception from ourselves as solitary entities on Earth to being integral parts of a living system. Love is what made you, so keep it flowing! Remember to receive love as well. Ask yourself, “In what ways am I blocking love?”
Remember, you’re as connected to all of life as it is to you. Love is without conditions – it is respectful, mindful, views all life as sacred, and acts accordingly.
Love reminds us that our very planet is a living being. It is the very essence of the Divine in you and it sees the Divine in others. See through the eyes of LOVE and ask before you act “what would LOVE do?” The answer will always bring you extraordinary power.  Love and Light!  180-


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