today I will #JustBe LIGHT!


The Light you see, admire, and love in others is the Light within you.  It is very common to meet with jealousy and envy whenever we choose to let our Light shine.  But these experiences shouldn’t deter us from sharing our Love and Light with the world and to shine as brightly as we possibly can.  When we play down our awesomeness out of fear of being judged and being hurt, not only do we do a disservice to the world, we forget how brilliant we really are.  You are the Light Divine.  And so am I.  And so is every living being.  Feed your Light with LOVE and joyfully watch it grow into a bonfire of infinite creativity.

I am the Light of the Heart, shining in the darkness of Being, and changing all into the golden treasury of LOVE.  I am projecting my LOVE out into the world to erase all errors and to break down all barriers.  I am the power of Infinite LOVE, amplifying itself until it is victorious; a world without end.  I am LOVE.  I am peace.  I am joy.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-

Miracle Message #37 from my Light Sister Gabby Bernstein:  When I shine bright I give others permission to shine with me.  #MiraclesNow


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