today I will #JustBe STILL!

violet Sky

Part of “Growing Up,” for me at least, has meant a deep deep understanding of my emotions…my pet peeves, the stuff that just pisses me off, that sh*t I don’t like.  Yes…all of that.  But I grew weary of my emotions constantly calling!  So many things to be annoyed with!  How is one ever to find some peace?  I realized that: yes, it does feel good to “loose” it every now and then.  But it feels terrible to be a prisoner to your own emotions.  When I stopped, took a deep breath, and really evaluated my life, I just didn’t understand what I was still so pissed off about.  So I decided to just stop it.  I decided to set my Self free.  I am the master of my ship.  I am the captain of my LIFE!  And yes, it takes practice…but what else promises to be more rewarding than Nirvana?  LOL!  If you’d like to SEE FOR YOUR SELF, take a deep breath the next time your negative emotions stir deep within… and picture a DEEP, STILL, CRYSTAL-CLEAR LAKE as brilliant as a DIAMOND reflective as a MIRROR.  And just SEE what happens?  Get curious.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-


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