today I will #JustBe OPEN!

#HOLSTEE suggests we focus our energy this summer, this month of July specifically, on remaining OPEN.  Open to what?  Open to the infinite possibilities available to you each and every moment you are fully present in your life, consciously and joyfully co-creating your beautiful reality!  Enlightenment is simply the realization that the past does not determine the future.  One of the most powerful realizations we can make towards broader consciousness is that only the present moment, the NOW, determines the future and if you are too busy living in the past – feeling guilt and regret for all of the mistakes you’ve made and reliving your victim stories – or in the future – worrying and fretting about tomorrow and everything that can possibly go wrong – you are not really living your LIFE.  Life is not good.  Life is not bad.  Life just IS.  And your level of consciousness is the only determinant of the reality you are experiencing.  The choice is yours and will always be.  Sat Nam.  Light and Love!  180-  


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