today I will #JustBe RESPONSE!

Thinking about the emotional body as a silvery lake allows us to practice self-observation, detachment and disidentification from our emotions, which is the key to releasing, transmuting, and transcending our negative emotions so that we can respond consciously to every situation.  Everything that arises will surely pass…and remaining calm in the still and silent center of our BEING helps us realize we are not our emotions, we are not out of control, we do not have to defend, and we do not have to attack.  Yes, there is a storm of anger, fear, sadness and pain raging all around us and it is most deeply felt on the outer banks and periphery of our lives, but we do not have to live there!  Choose to live in the center of your BEING where the stillness and silence are realized.  LIGHT is all there is!  Realize deeply that if there is an emotional storm constantly raging within you, you will be unable to register the higher vibrational frequency of LOVE and LIGHT.  Learn to still your emotional field by taking a deep conscious breath and picturing yourself as a deep, calm, reflective pond…This practice will not only imprint stillness upon your emotional nature, it will allow you to get out of your own way that your LIGHT may shine brighter upon the world!  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-


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