today I will #JustBe BLISS!

Each and every night, we fall asleep and die to the day behind us.  We enter a restorative state in our deepest unconsciousness and awaken refreshed to face the day before us.  It is this restorative state we seek to consciously realize through our meditation practice.  During meditation we actively listen to the sound of our HEART, hiding the secret of life deep within us.  Sitting in BLISS we realize we are not separate from nature, from everything that IS.  There’s only ONE everything.  With each in breath we inspire LOVE and LIFE.  Each exhalation anchors the Light deep within us, allowing us to shine brighter and brighter.  Each breath brings us more and more into the present moment and aligns us with the silent rhythm of the Cosmos.  BLISS is the amazing understanding that your very breath, that which you now inhale and exhale, is the very substance of the Divine realized into form…not simply air…but consciousness…the desire of LIFE to be…through you and as you.  Sit on purpose!  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-  


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