today I will #JustBe UNLIMITED!

The purpose of getting clear is to create space to allow life to be through you and as you.  When you “get out of your own way,” through meditation and karma yoga, you receive all of the gifts nature is waiting to give you.   As we grow, we fill ourselves with so much of the past – fear, anger, sadness, attack, defense.  We come to depend on the past and our victim stories for a sense of identity.  And little by little we begin to crowd life out.  We fill ourselves with so much worry, stress and anxiety over the future, the NOW becomes only a mere stepping stone to getting there…constantly trying to get there, never wanting to be HERE and NOW, which is reality is the only time that has ever existed or will ever exist.

Sitting in silence and stillness you access the NOW, claim your Divine birthright of creation, and allow LIFE to flow through you, increasing the LIGHT you are able to hold, opening you up to unlimited opportunities and incredible synchronicity in the flow of perfect love.  Take a deep conscious breath, inhale deeply and exhale gently noting that you are alive, you are here, you are now, you ARE LIFE and all you will ever need is within. Anything you can dream of is possible.  Anything you can think you can achieve.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light.  180-


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