today I will #JustBe WHIMSICAL!

Rediscovery has been one of my favorite parts of the journey back to ONENESS.  Recently, I was reminded to face my biggest fears with childlike excitement and curiosity.  Those little things about yourself you are so scared to face – those little monsters under the bed is what you gave your power to!  You cast off bits of you in order to please others.  You sent so much of you so far away, you’ve actually forgotten your TRUE SELF!  You are not little any more!  You are not weak!  You are not powerless!  You are no longer any one’s victim!  The little bits of yourself that scared you so much, those parts you’ve never been able to look at and admit they ARE you and you are them – they’re not scary any more!  They are funny, cute, WHIMSICAL, adorable, and lovable!  Because they are all you!  And you’re just doing your very best to be the best you there ever was!

You denied the LIGHT that is you one bit at a time…until there was almost nothing left of you to shine at all!

Yes, I laugh loudly!  I love to laugh! Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-


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