today I will #JustBe CHANGE!

CHANGE IS CONSTANT!  Each moment is a creative opportunity.  Are you in the infinite FLOW?  Each moment the energy of the Universe, of which you are part, is shifting, expanding, moving.   At the CORE it is a still point, thus constant.  Change is the TRUTH of who you are.  Infinitely EVOLVING.  And you are unlimited in your creative abilities.  Everything is constantly flowing.  Are you paying attention?  Have you accepted your creative SPARK?  What are you creating with every moment of your life?  Or are you limiting yourself through fear of lack and unworthiness?  What did you judge yourself guilty of?  Take a deep breath and set yourself FREE NOW.  We are all pillars of LIGHT anchoring LOVE, JOY and PEACE on EARTH!  Warriors of LOVE.  Purveyors of BEAUTY.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light!  180-


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