today I will #JustBe ASSERTIVE!

The time has come to move past the fear of SELF EXPRESSION!  My heart is ONE with the Universe.  My VOICE is one with my heart.  If LIGHT is all there is, then I am only LIGHT.  The medium is the message.  I am a pillar of LIGHT.  The message I want to share with the world – You Are UNLIMITED!  You are LOVE.  You are LIGHT.  You have the power to change the world for all.  Just by loving your SELF – truly.  LIFE is a beautiful KALEIDOSCOPE of LOVE and you are the LIGHT.  I deserve to make my VOICE heard.  At the beginning of every holy interaction, be sure all understand their respective functions!  From the start – CLARIFY.  Be impeccable with your word.  Do not take anything personally.  Make no assumptions.  And always try your best.  Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz.  We are ALL, each and everyone of us, entitled to self expression, love and respect…from my self and all others.  Love your inner child, your SOUL, your innocence, and speak on his behalf, in LOVE and peace – for that is your function – to be your VOICE!  LOVE and LIFE are there to guide you, if you’re only willing to LISTEN.  My heart is my voice.  My voice is my heart.  I am one with everything that is and so are you my friend!  Listen to your heart before you speak and shine with determination and self TRUST.  Sat Nam.  Love and Light.  180-  


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