today I will #JustBe SUNNY!

Go ahead – do it!  I dare you!  Face the SUN, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, lift your face to the sunshine, and receive the gift of LIGHT.  In the authenticity of this simple act of GRACE and GRATITUDE lies the key to your PEACE and JOY.  The secret you’ve been waiting to hear, knowing it will set you FREE.  The TRUTH is you can only have what you are willing to become.  What is it you SEEK and where have you been looking?  What are you BECOMING?  You are the HEROINE – the HERO you’ve been waiting for…all along!  Does this frighten you?  You are the LIGHT of the UNIVERSE!  You have not a thing to fear for light’s only function is to ILLUMINATE!  You are infinite and unlimited.  The planets and the stars are all your FRIENDS!  Remember the truth about your SELF.  

Everything in this world is created of your INTENTION, your LOVE, and your EFFORT!  The past does not dictate the future.  The future does not exist.  You are actively weaving your tomorrow right NOW!  What are you doing right now?  What are you actively creating in your life each and every moment?  You are the MASTER of your LIFE.  TRUST yourself and begin to weave the life you came here to create.  HERE and NOW!

Love and Light.  Sat Nam.  180-


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