today I will #JustBe AUTHENTIC!

Ike and Hoola

Are you ready to have an AUTHENTIC experience instead of just another AESTHETIC one?  LOVE meets you exactly where you are!  Trust that you are loved.  You are a perfect BEING of LIGHT.  It is your love that makes it so.  Don’t you see?  Speak your TRUTH.  Share your truth with everyone.  You’ll realize you are not as alone as you wanted to be.  Love yourself and allow all of your love to fill you.  See!  There is a PATH and once you know the way, you can’t help but follow the Yellow Brick Road that leads you face to face with your illusions…to know the truth for yourself.

ASK and you shall RECEIVE…yes!  Ask to know the truth.  The real truth – not the one you made up in your mind. 

SEEK and you shall find…yes!  But seek first to know yourself – otherwise, what does it matter what you find?

KNOCK and the door shall be opened…yes!  The only door is the door to your HEART.  And it is up to you to go in there and set yourself FREE.

The only thing that exists is what you are creating right NOW.  So, what are you creating?  Are you creating LOVE?  Or are you creating FEAR?

Are you creating LACK or are you creating ABUNDANCE?  The choice has ALWAYS been yours.  Sat Nam.  And LIGHT to you.  180- 


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