today I will #JustBe EMPTY!

#JustBe EMPTY!

You are here to enable the wisdom of the Universe to unfold as your Life.  The Universe is within me.  The Universe is within you.  The Universe is within ALL of us.  We are not made of “separate stuff.”  Separation is only a mind-made illusion.  You are a channel.  And you chose to be a channel because you wanted to HELP.  You wanted to help establish LOVE as our absolute truth here on Earth.  In your heart you know it is the TRUTH.  We all came here together to co-create a new reality on Earth.  If we all focus on improvement – more compassion, more sympathy, more empathy – It is inevitable we will achieve it.  Somebody fisrt has to say it aloud…then we all work together to make it real.  I am peace.  I am love.  And so are you!  Breathe deeply and create some space within to allow life matter a bit more room to be creative!  Love and Light!  180-


today I will #JustBe SERVICE!


Our true purpose is to LOVE and share LOVE. As you reclaim your power and reconnect to your true essence as an interconnected being who is healed and whole, it is important to accept that your life’s true purpose is to be helpful to all. In the undying words of Auyn San Su Ki, “when you’re feeling helpless, help someone.”  Love and Light!  180-


today I will #JustBe HAPPY!


Today I will #just be HAPPINESS
Happiness is a CHOICE I make. Like many, I was hypnotized by consumption for many years of my life. I feel asleep under the spell of peer-pressure on a global scale, which taught me that only by attaining certain things I would be able to attain happiness in this lifetime. I have always been an amazing student and only endurance athletes possess the tenacity, commitment, and goal-oriented insanity that rivals my own. I wrote my list and I checked it twice: Ivy League Education (checked); Advanced Graduate Degree (checked); Tiffany Solitaire Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (checked); Husband (checked); Beautiful Children (checked); Beautiful Home (checked); Professional Career (checked); World Travel (checked). And like all seekers of the Truth, one day I had to admit – if only to myself – that none of these things, as nice and awesome as they were, would ever fill the void and emptiness I felt within. All is within. I’d gotten it all backwards. The outer world is only a mere reflection of your inner life…And one cannot have anything one is not willing to become.  Love and Light!  180-