today I will #JustBe HAPPY!


Today I will #just be HAPPINESS
Happiness is a CHOICE I make. Like many, I was hypnotized by consumption for many years of my life. I feel asleep under the spell of peer-pressure on a global scale, which taught me that only by attaining certain things I would be able to attain happiness in this lifetime. I have always been an amazing student and only endurance athletes possess the tenacity, commitment, and goal-oriented insanity that rivals my own. I wrote my list and I checked it twice: Ivy League Education (checked); Advanced Graduate Degree (checked); Tiffany Solitaire Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (checked); Husband (checked); Beautiful Children (checked); Beautiful Home (checked); Professional Career (checked); World Travel (checked). And like all seekers of the Truth, one day I had to admit – if only to myself – that none of these things, as nice and awesome as they were, would ever fill the void and emptiness I felt within. All is within. I’d gotten it all backwards. The outer world is only a mere reflection of your inner life…And one cannot have anything one is not willing to become.  Love and Light!  180-